Document Types

Documents can be filtered by type. Below is a list of commonly used document types, along with their slug to use for filtering. This list is not comprehensive - any document_type that is returned from the API is a valid parameter for this filter.

Document Type Slug
Air Waybill air_waybill
Automated Export System (AES) Transmission automated_export_system_aes_transmission
Bill of Lading bill_of_lading
Bill of Lading [Telex Release] bill_of_lading_telex_release
Billing Packet billing_packet
Booking Form (PDF) booking_form_pdf
Booking Sheet booking_sheet
Canada Customs Coding Form (B3) canada_customs_coding_form_b3
Commercial Invoice commercial_invoice
Commercial Invoice / Packing List commercial_invoice_packing_list
Customs Entry Packet customs_entry_packet
Customs Entry Summary (7501) customs_entry_summary_7501
Customs Release (3461) customs_release_3461
EU Customs Duties Bill eu_customs_duties_bill
EU Customs Release (SAD) eu_customs_release_sad
Flexport Bill of Lading flexport_bill_of_lading
ISF Worksheet isf_worksheet
Importer Security Filing (ISF) Entry importer_security_filing_isf_entry
Master Bill of Lading master_bill_of_lading
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) material_safety_data_sheet_msds
Origin Warehouse Receipt origin_warehouse_receipt
Other Customs Documents other_customs_documents
Packing List packing_list
Proof of Delivery proof_of_delivery_pod
Rated Commercial Invoice rated_commercial_invoice
Shipping Labels shipping_labels
Unknown Message unknown_message
Warehouse Receipt warehouse_receipt